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Shop Bike Accessories Online for a Smooth Ride

Shop Bike Accessories Online for a Smooth Ride

Cycling is a very serious deal! Especially for a country like the Philippines, most especially Metro Manila, where traffic is unavoidable, some people choose to take a bike instead. Riding a bike from Point A to Point B is quick and convenient, but only if you have all the necessary cycling accessories. Lucky for you, there’s a wide variety of bike accessories for sale on Shopee Philippines! If you have no idea where to start, here are some of the basics:

Bike Lock

If you’re using a bicycle as a means of transportation, then it’s very important to have a bike lock on hand at all times! You won’t always be able to take your bike with you, so for times you need to set it aside and away from your supervision, a bike lock helps give you peace of mind. Bike locks usually come with a hose for you to wrap it around any post or railing!

Bike Lights

Another important cycling accessory is a bike light. The best-case scenario is to get both a front light and a tail light! It’s for your convenience but also for your safety. When you’re cycling at night, just like a car, you should have lights to help improve your visibility. Installing lights on your bicycle is also beneficial for the people around you! When you’re cycling on main roads with a high volume of cars, having lights will make it easier for them to spot you. For extra road awareness, you can even choose bike lights with horns! In case you’re looking to overtake cyclists in front of you, give them a little honk as a warning first.

Bike Bag

Bike bags are very useful for everyday commuting! Instead of having to juggle your daily essentials in your pockets and even have the risk of them falling out without you noticing, get a bike bag to hold all your things in one place. You can either choose to get a bike backpack or a bicycle bag that attaches itself to your ride. Either way, these bags are lightweight so that they don’t disrupt your cycling! Bike bags also help keep all your items secure. Make sure to get a small padlock for your bag too!


Since the weather in the Philippines gets pretty unpredictable, you should definitely install mudguards on your bicycle! If you’re riding to work, you want to minimize the risk of getting grime stains from a little rain. Bike fenders help prevent splashing towards your person. Make sure to check if your bicycle comes with mudguards. Not all do, so it’s very important to grab your own as soon as possible!

There are many more essentials you need for a smooth cycling experience. You might want to check out cycling shoes so that you don’t lose your footing. If you’re a beginner cyclist, you should definitely check out protective gear! Last but not the least, whether you’re a professional cyclist or not, it’s always critical to wear a cycling helmet on every ride.

Buy Cycling Accessories for Sale on Shopee Philippines
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